Fire Station #30


The story of Fire Station #30 is one of pride that comes from triumph over adversity. The local neighborhood has faced many challenges over the years and is now emerging as one of the most active development economies in the Seattle area. 

Located in a busy neighborhood across the street from a high school, near a main street and close to the Mt. Baker Light Rail station, the project required special considerations for work sequencing and neighbor relations.

The building itself had to meet sustainable construction requirements and meet LEED® Gold certification -- a task Synergy is always keen to take on. In addition, the project was built on a liquefaction zone that required special structural considerations.


To meet the sustainability requirements, geothermal wells extending 300 feet below the building were installed to provide heating and cooling for the living areas, while high efficiency gas heaters serve the apparatus bay. We ensured the living areas were well ventilated thanks to operable windows in the bunk areas with plenty of natural light throughout the building. The project also features a bio-swale for storm water collection during construction.

To address the liquefaction zone, the building was constructed on 48 auger-cast piles extending up to 40 feet deep. These supported an elevated structural concrete slab that needed to be strong enough to hold the weight of fully loaded fire trucks. We also made use of an existing wall as part of the shoring for the building. During construction, the wall showed signs of potential failure and had to be retrofitted with a new concrete footing. This creative solution enabled the project to meet the contract schedule in the face of incredible odds.


Through all these challenges Synergy grew more focused and determined. We worked with the design team to come up with solutions in real time while re-sequencing work to maintain consistent progress on the tight schedule. The result is a LEED® Gold certified building that is truly unique and a point of pride for the Mt. Baker neighborhood.