Potala Place Everett


The Potala project was developed in an area with few newer developments and a conservative estimate of expected rents was used for the financials, creating a very tight construction budget. In addition to this financial challenge, the project was still in design when construction commenced.

Project Highlights

Type:Commercial, Multi-Family Housing
Location:Everett, WA
Size:220 Units
Architect:Studio 19 Architects


Synergy Construction worked hand-in-hand with the project team to build exterior cladding, interior finishes and several structural elements that were designed as the project progressed. To address budgetary constraints, the project team went through two rounds of significant value engineering, reducing the already efficient budget by more than 10 percent. 

The rooftop deck was originally designed as a paver system with metal railings that penetrated the roofing system, but Synergy design-built a cedar deck and railing system that was engineered to float on top of the deck. This much more cost-effective option eliminated dozens of roof penetrations and created a very appealing lounge that remains a tenant favorite to this day.

Synergy was also instrumental in the decision to use lumber that had been salvaged from existing buildings on the project site. The lobby ceiling was constructed of salvaged lumber, creating a grid system with lighting hanging between the wood pieces. A large salvaged beam was used to create a hearth for the fireplace in the resident recreation room.

The Farmer’s Market was another project component that evolved during construction. Because it was designed with an open concept at street level, utilities for the 220 apartment units above had to be designed and installed accordingly. There were several changes to the retail shell, including the addition of eight grease ducts that were installed on the building exterior as well as reconfiguration of the storefront system.



The Synergy Construction team was able to bring everyone together on a project that involved limited architect construction administration, multiple owner reps and significant financial news coverage before the project was finished. We didn’t let anything stand in our way and delivered a groundbreaking community asset in downtown Everett. The project was completed under budget and is renting for rates or over 20% more than expected.