August Wilson Place


The owner envisioned an island oasis of affordable housing amidst the ocean of expensive market rate buildings in the affluent neighborhood. The project was initially rejected by the neighborhood and would require extra effort to move forward. 

Since the site was surrounded by a busy arterial street on one side, a neighboring construction project and retail car sales lot and commercial building on the remaining sides, one major challenge we faced was mitigating traffic control, pedestrian safety, noise, material deliveries and equipment operation.

Another site location challenge was the City of Bellevue’s requirement to complete acoustic enhancements to the building as well as noise level testing at the end of the project verification. 

The site utility work posed several challenges. All of the new utilities were shown to cross the busy arterial street and had to be located underground. During construction we found several unknown obstructions, including an eight-inch sewer force main and two abandoned underground septic tanks. In addition, the site rested on a severe incline.

Project Highlights

Type:Multi-Family Housing
Location:Bellevue, WA
Size:57 Units/ 6 Levels
Architect:GGLO Architects
“Ultimately, the project’s true achievement is the provision of high-quality, well-built housing close to the jobs for people who are most in need.”

-Jeff Foster, AIA - GGLO, Managing Principal


Through broad community outreach efforts, the project team was able to articulate the many positive aspects of the building, such as affordable housing for local workers, veterans and the homeless. It would also enhance the Bellevue skyline. Eventually public opinion shifted and the project was welcomed by the neighborhood. 

By taking the lead during the project planning phase, Synergy was able to ensure continuous dedicated traffic control supervision. Detailed advanced scheduling of all site activities and deliveries allowed cohesive coordination with neighbors on relevant noise and pedestrian impacts.

The acoustic enhancements included upgrading to high-performance windows, installation of specialty z-vents, and separation of all wiring and piping from crossing through or even touching framing members of adjoining units. Costs were lessened by working diligently with the Acoustic Consultant and the project team to identify and price any necessary adjustments as early as possible.

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"Synergy Construction stands by the buildings they have built and returns for owner concerns long after warranty periods have expired. This is in tribute to the company’s culture and mission of sustaining what they’ve built and providing housing opportunities."

-Sharon Lee, Executive Director - Low Income Housing Institute


Through active coordination of all utility contractors involving weekly meetings and schedule updates, we were able to strategically sequence the work to be completed in time to meet the owner’s scheduled move-in date. Our approach also resulted in successful passing of final sound testing with flying colors, which was accomplished without having to make acoustic-related changes during active construction. 

In addition, August Wilson Place achieved compliance with the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard. Green building features include Energy Star appliances, water conserving fixtures, enhanced building envelope design, and use of locally produced, environmentally preferable materials and construction waste management techniques.

This beautiful building truly showcases the advantages of how employing strategic planning and implementing a collaborative team approach to address challenges can lead to a successful conclusion.

"The August Wilson Place project demonstrates that through the superior design and construction, low income housing can be a community asset and attractive neighbor. The project maintains 100% occupancy due in large part to affordability and quality."

-Sharon Lee, Executive Director - Low Income Housing Institute